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The Unique Method of Scoliosis Treatment in Singapore

What is Scoliosis? Before starting treatment for this disease, it is advisable to understand what it is. This disease can affect anyone at any age. The curvature of the spinal cord is a common feature of this condition.

Symptoms that a person may experience include chronic fatigue, back pain, digestive problems, headaches, menstrual disturbances, pain in the legs, knees, and feet, and breathing problems.

If you have such problems, you should visit high-rated scoliosis clinic in Singapore for an examination of your problem. After a positive diagnosis, doctors recommend treatment for scoliosis.


Specialists have thought well about the treatment of this spinal disorder.

* Observation – This is where the patient is observed to see when the spinal cord curvature is least. If the spine specialist determines that the curvature is at least 20-30 degrees, depending on the age of the patient and the symptoms of the person, treatment is started immediately. 

* Surgery – Here the surgeon joins the spine to form a normal framework, depending on the position and degree of curvature. This method of treatment is highly recommended for patients with severe spinal curvature.

* Dressing – The most recommended method for young children due to their increased growth rate. You are at a higher risk of developing a scoliosis curve. While it doesn't cure the existing condition, it does protect it from worsening.