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The Process of Performing Metal Casting For Jewelry

You will need to have a few specialized tools and enough knowledge to be able to make jewelry at home. Many jewelry craftsmen enjoy the ancient art of casting or molding metal. Whether you perform casting of jewelry as a pastime or offering your services to some people, it's gratifying to create your favorite design using your chosen metal, and then see it in gold, platinum, or silver.

The Metal Casting Process

Since the invention of jewelry, metal casting has been practiced. The art of jewelry metal casting was mastered by the Ancient Egyptians. However, it was also practiced by many ethnic groups in Asia and the Middle East. This process is also known as investment molding or lost wax and is still very popular with artisans who enjoy creating handmade jewelry.

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Casting metal jewelry requires a pattern or wax mold. Attach the pattern to a base with a flask that slides above it. The plaster investment is then set in the mold and decanted through the flask before being left to dry. To burn the wax, you can put a little bit of the plaster into the oven after it has dried.

In order to create the jewelry design, the liquefied gold can be transferred into the investment mold. The piece of jewel will be filed once it has hardened. This procedure can be done in many ways. However, they all require a variety of molds, dissolving and transferring the metal and then filing and refining it.