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Caring for Your House Plants

In addition to food and water, light is one of the most important needs of the survival of the plant. Light is absorbed by plants enabling them to transform that energy into sugars and starches they need to grow and survive. There is no bright light or inadequate light that has an adverse effect on the plant. You can always find a good place to buy houseplants online to lighten up your room.

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If we pay attention to our plants, they will tell us if their needs are being met- especially light. tell you that your plants need more light if it becomes pale or thin. It also will lean toward the light source. Another indicator is if the light is not enough flowering plants fail to produce flowers or at least weak blooms.

We know that the sun is almost directly overhead during both summer and south in the winter. North facing windows receive the least amount of light throughout the year. Southern facing windows gain the most amount of light and heat during the summer.

These seasonal variances make the placement of plants very important. You may want to use what I call a dynamic approach to the placement of plants. The dynamic approach requires that plants be moved during season variations according to light requirements of a particular plant.

The dynamic approach offers the opportunity to be creative. Try using a different group. Mix in some foliage plants with flowering plants during the winter in the south window. Then make another appearance during the summer.