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A Buying Guide For a Futon Mattress

Once a time, a mattress was a logical choice for a bed in a dormitory or a small apartment. Now more and more people are choosing mattresses in the living room or in the relaxation room so that they have additional sleeping space when the company comes and stays overnight. The mattress acts as a sofa and a bed, as you can pull it out into the double bed. Futon mattresses are flexible and easy to fold up in a sitting position when not being used as a bed.  You can get more information about mattresses at

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There are several factors to consider when choosing a futon mattress. You need to consider hardness, which relates to how resistant the mattress is to pressure when someone is lying on it. You want it to be strong enough so that you don't feel the hair underneath when you lie down.

The firmness of the mattress is another factor that must be considered. This refers to how well the mattress maintains a square shape and how well the cover fits after a few uses. The flexibility of the mattress is also important. Since you have to fold it up to turn it from a sofa into a bedroom, this shouldn't be a tedious task requiring more than one person.