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Mobile Banking Application Test Automation

Mobile apps are notoriously slow to release due to manual testing. Testing becomes more difficult and less profitable as the test parameters and devices increase. Many mobile apps are abandoned halfway through. 

This is a problem that the financial sector cannot ignore. To ensure seamless and secure user experiences, testing is crucial in this industry. The bank's mobile app is the interface between the user (and the bank) This is why it is so important to have a great experience. There are some companies that provide the best test automation services.

The quality assurance Team must begin by modeling the interactions among the systems. This allows you to break down large functionalities into smaller ones. This allows you to identify the processing nodes as well as the flow of logic or information. These processing steps can be identified to create input data for the next steps.

Once functions and processes have been identified, they must be broken down into the most basic processes and transactions. The parameters are identified and test scenarios are created. Based on logic, test cases and scenarios can be combined. 

This allows you to identify the automated steps of the test process, ensuring that your time and money are well spent.

The number of test cases that can be identified using a pairwise coverage is possible. Additional test cases can be created manually if they are needed.

Companies need to automate 95% to achieve maximum coverage and faster time-to-market. For the maximum efficiency and maximum test coverage, they should use an automated test solution that integrates with existing IDEs or test frameworks.