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Get to Know About The Cowboy Coffee Tradition

Nothing is more American than a cowboy. The cowboy lifestyle has a very long history in our nation that has made this nation what it is today. The western cowboy tradition is still prevalent today, including the cowboy coffee tradition.

Before you know how to make the perfect coffee you should know some of the best places such as Quazaam Coffee to buy it. Here are a few steps to make the perfect cowboy coffee cup over the campfire:-

Cowboy Coffee: What It is, and How to Make It Outdoor Enthusiast Lifestyle Magazine

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1. Drill two holes in the top of the box on opposite sides. Run the wire through each hole to make a handle. Use pliers to shape the wire and bend the wire around you to secure it in place.

2. Pour ground coffee into the prepared coffee container (1 tablespoon per cup/cup). Fill the coffee box with water to about three inches from the top of the container.

3. Find a suitable location for the coffee box: either on a stand over the fire or on top of the coals flat on the fire.

4. Place the coffee box on the fire by lowering it from the handle. Bring water to boil.

5. Break the surface tension. As the water boils, you must cut the surface tension to prevent the coffee grounds from boiling. This can be done with small clean chopsticks, a pinch of salt, or a cracked egg shell. Use what is available to you.

6. Let the coffee boil for a few minutes. Remove and let cool.

7. Grasp the handle of the coffee box and turn it slightly, which will concentrate the sediment at the bottom of the box.

8. Serve the coffee. Pour the coffee into a suitable cup.