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Bunk Beds Offer Both Function and Style

For small children, there are frame by frame with a cartoon or sports theme. This bed is very colorful and will add a lot of joy to your kids. They can include one and two-story styles. Some even have lower slides and play areas. 

Such models are designed for small children and the child will quickly outgrow them and want something more adult. You can now also look for good quality beds online via

Bunk beds are making a big comeback (and not just with kids)

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However, they are a good choice for larger families or those with children of very different ages as they can be passed down from one child to another. This bed is also an excellent choice if your child has friends who sometimes stay overnight or if you are organizing a large family celebration in your home.

Bunk beds are now available in double and full sizes. They can even come with mattresses with two on top and one full mattress on the bottom. This is a great style for those with older and younger children who need to share a room. 

Bunk bed designs vary widely. They are made of different wood or even metal. Check out some contemporary designs, which can make your child's room special.

For older children, a bed with a desk or storage space underneath is best. Such models help to save space and can make the room look larger. They're great for college apartments or dorms as they help keep things organized and tidy.