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All About New Venture Competition

Since its founding in 1999, the New Venture Competition (NVC) has grown in popularity and quality, becoming an important and transformative educational experience at UC Santa Barbara. 

In contrast to other university business contests, the New Enterprise Competition is special since it is open to students of all levels and majors at UCSB and demands competitors to finish a demanding eight-month program to build, improve, and develop their business concepts.

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The whole process involves various preparatory courses and seminars led by a group of outstanding and dedicated teachers and mentors in the industry.

NVC: hands-on training and mentoring

Through hands-on instruction and mentoring in industry, students learn to create and find startups and compete in the annual New Enterprise Competition (NVC), UCSB's premier entrepreneurial experience. In multidisciplinary teams under the guidance of lecturers and mentors, students learn and practice business model development, customer discovery, market validation, market entry strategies, and investor presentation development and delivery. 

Students will also learn about new alternatives to financial risk, legal and intellectual property issues, and methods for effective financial forecasting.

NVC: skills and connections throughout life

This transformative program introduces students to a large network of entrepreneurs and allows them to compete for start-up capital to start their businesses. The New Business Fair (NVC Semi-finals) and NVC Final have been key events in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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