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What Do You Do With A Tea Towel?

So, what is all this flap about the tea towel, and what exactly makes this towel so special? Where to start is the better question. The active cook tends to return the tea towel to a shoulder, so it is always handy. 

If you are looking for the best tea towels, then you can rent tea towels in Melbourne for your events. Ask any foodie, caterer, kitchen worker, chef, or homemaker and you may have to get out your pencil to take notes. 

So, here goes:

Wipe surfaces and counters for both preparations and clean up

Always present to wipe hands

As an apron

As a drip cloth to lay out dishes to dry after washing

At the ready to wipe off any spills on the edge of a plate for presentation

As a stabilizer beneath the cutting board or mixing bowls to keep them in place

As an oven mitt or hot pad to quickly pull items from a hot oven or grab warm dishes

As a pad or trivet upon which to rest items right out of the oven

As a cover for proofing bread or while dough rises

To polish glassware

To squeeze out the water content from frozen spinach

To make cheeses

For dehydrating fruit

For drying herbs or seeds

As the serviette or napkin at the dinner table

Given the many purposes of the tea towel, it stands to reason that you would want to equip your kitchen with a voluminous stock on hand just as large commercial kitchens do. 

The tea towel is quite simply the backbone of the operation. When the shipment is late, or the stock of towels is low, there is a bit of a panic for the lack of these workhorses.