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The Dark Side Of The Ride1Up Core 5 Electric Bike

The Ride1Up Core 5 eBike is a solid option, but it's definitely not perfect. This article will touch on some of the downsides of the Core 5 and why you may want to choose a different electric bike. One of the big downsides of the Ride1Up Core 5 is the motor is noisy. If you want to ride your bike in complete silence and enjoy the nature around you, the whining noise from the rear hub motor may intrude upon that experience. It may also be a burden to holding a conversation with someone as you ride side by side.

Another potential downside to the Ride1Up Core 5 is the battery range. The stock battery that comes on the Core 5 is only 48v and 14.5 amp-hours. This translates to only 20-40 miles of range, so if you like to go fast and carry a lot of weight you may only realistically expect this bike to achieve 20 miles. If there's a lot of hills in your area you can expect that range to be even lower.

The next major downside to the Ride1Up Core 5 that TailHappyTV pointed out in his review on YouTube is the charging time. The charger that comes with this bike will surely charge it up to full potential, but the problem is the amount of time it takes to achieve full charge. It can take about 3 hours or more depending on how low you let the battery get to reach full charge. So if you want to take this bike out on multiple trips in one day, or if you need to recharge it at a turn around point, it's going to take quite a while to get back on the road.

More information including dark side and the bright side to this electric bike can be found in Matt's full Ride1Up Core 5 review on YouTube.