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History of Ybor City in Tampa Florida

Ybor City, located north of Tampa, Florida. This area was home to one of the first industries in Florida and was included in Tampa's incorporation in 1887. Cigar manufacturing was the original business. This was brought over by large numbers of Cuban immigrants. Cultural diversity was one of the main influences that shaped the city, and it is still important today. 

The amazing ybor city cigar shops were the catalyst for the initial rise of the area. They also led to large economic gains in the surrounding areas. Vicente Martinez Ybor was the original cigar baron in the area. He was originally from Spain, then Cuba, and moved to Tampa to start his cigar factory. Henry Plant built a railroad line and provided the main benefits that brought him to the region. From 1900 to 1929, cigar production reached hundreds of millions per year during the peak years. 

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The cigar manufacturing industry declined due to Americans' inability to afford luxury goods. This was until the Great Depression. Many changes were made to the city, most notably to the residential areas. 

Latin was the main underlying factor in Ybor City's cultural diversity. However, the city was experiencing a significant influx of Spanish, Germans and Cubans in the early 20th century.

Although some facts may not be as clear-cut as Tampa residents might like, the background of organized crime is fascinating. Gambling was the mainstay of organized crime. Ybor City is a city rich in culture, architecture and food. It also has fascinating historical facts. This beautiful neighborhood has a rich history that spans over 125 years. There are many interesting facts to be learned about it.