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Explore for the best type of wooden door

Are you ready to shop for your wooden door? Only when you think that your choice is very limited, there are actually many of them that you can find on the market. They not only vary in terms of design and color but also from the type of wood made of them. You can also find easy-fit doors at afforde doors.

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In this way, they will not develop and contract every time the weather changes.

Type of solid wood

For your wooden door, you can choose one of the following solid hardwood below:


A wooden door made of Hickory is definitely very durable. However, Hickories lasted 50 million years. But you can also expect your door to be very heavy. The good thing about them is that there are various textures that you can choose. For example, their grains can be wavy or straight

Other types of popular wooden doors are ash. They may not be as strong as Hickory, but they hold shocks. No matter how many times you can bang on the door or apply any pressure to the door. It will still remain very strong. The strength of the wooden door will be in accordance with the total weight.


Cedar wooden door is known for their natural beauty. They can range from dark brown to red or even beige honey. They also look very elegant and classy, which can be perfect for a grand or rustic house. Most importantly, they are very stable. 

They do not easily suffer curves or rotations, which usually occurs when the wood starts to contract or develop.