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Guide For Building A Toronto Wine Cellar In Your Basement

Even if your collection is relatively small, you need a place to store those valuable bottles to maintain them at their best. Unless you’ve inherited a fully equipped mansion, adding a wine cellar is in your future.

Since wine perishes, and the way in which it’s stored impacts its flavor, proper storage is essential. In fact, storage and handling affect wine’s taste just as much as the way it’s made does. The trick for effective wine cellar construction is to maintain optimal temperature and humidity.

wine cellar construction

What Is Needed for a Wine Cellar?

Missing any of these elements jeopardizes the integrity of your wine.

  • A constant temperature between 45-65 degrees

  • Humidity level between 50-70 percent

  • Darkness

  • Proper bottle racks

  • Vibration free

Other Considerations:

  • Before picking up your hammer, assess the available space. Choose an area on an outside wall, preferably, free from air, light, and water leaks. The ceiling will need insulation and the floor, if concrete, will need to be sealed.

  • Consider vibrations, too. Vibrations disturb the maturation process that wine goes through over time. A wooden floor with frequent traffic or the clothes dryer on the other side of the wall could, over time, spoil your collection.

These are some of the important considerations you have to make before building your wine cellar.