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Need Something Printed on a T-Shirt?

T-shirt design

Now that we know what we print t-shirts for, we are ready to design t-shirt prints. You have two choices when designing your t-shirt:

-Screen printers can design your artwork.

While you can choose the first option, it is important to know your Custom t-shirt design  for several reasons:

– The screen printer may charge you a fee to design the artwork.

-Not all can be printed, there are some limitations.

– You have to decide what design elements you want for your artwork (broken look, contemporary, traditional/conservative, classic).

When designing artwork for your shirt, you should first establish the basics:

-What is the main message I want to convey with my t-shirt?

Do I just want to put a logo on my t-shirt to identify band members with my organization, or do I not want to advertise my company, organization, etc.?

– What design elements or themes would you like to use?

– You need to know if your shirt has a more conservative look (usually for companies), a modern look (for groups, youth organizations), a classic look (high schools and universities usually fall into this category) – just to name a few.

-You have to decide which image you want to use for your t-shirt (if any). It is often advisable to take a look at what your screen printer has to offer as it can more easily provide a higher quality image. 

-Many screen printers have their own talented graphic designer or become members of an art club where they can download graphics from the Internet at discounted prices.