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All About Round-Up Cancer Lawsuit

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, or IARC, funded several extensive studies that looked into the link between glyphosate and certain cancers. They also compiled the research from large studies conducted internationally, in countries such as Canada, Columbia, Sweden, and Australia. The combined research has strongly suggested a positive link between certain cancers and the chemical glyphosate used as an herbicide.

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Cancer Does Roundup Cause

The cancers that were found to be most common with regular glyphosate exposure in this IARC Glyphosate Study were:

Certain types of lymphoma, including non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL)

Leukemia (cancer of the bone marrow)

Multiple myeloma (cancer of plasma cells within the blood)

If you have already been diagnosed with any of these cancers, it’s possible there is a link to your regular use of glyphosate-containing products such as Roundup. If you are experiencing stomach upset, extreme fatigue, cognitive deficiencies or other symptoms, then you may need to seek further medical tests through your primary care provider.

Types of Exposure

Part of what has made Roundup weed killer products so detrimental to such a large population of consumers is that you can be exposed to it in several different ways. This differs from some other types of chemicals that must either be ingested or inhaled to have a negative effect. You can suffer from glyphosate exposure through:

Breathing Contaminated Air: This is especially common in farmworkers who use the herbicide regularly, or in the population surrounding the farms that use it.

Drinking Contaminated Water: The chemicals from glyphosate-containing Roundup products can seep into groundwater and contaminate a well that is used for drinking water.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and you regularly used Roundup weed killer in and around your own home, or you live near a large farm that does, it is important to determine what health issues may have been caused by exposure to glyphosate. You should also know what your options are when seeking compensation for medical care, lost income due to health problems, or even to help pay for any services you will need now that you can’t complete tasks on your own.