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What is a RGB W LED?

RGB W LED stands for red, green, blue, and white. What sets RGB W LEDs apart from traditional LEDs is the use of a diffuser to spread the light out and create a more evenly lit space. RGB W LEDs have many applications in interior and exterior lightings, such as signs and billboards, home theater systems, and office spaces.

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How is RGB W LED different from other types of LEDs?

RGB W LEDs are different from traditional LEDs because they do not use a white body. What that means is that the different colors are diffused through the translucent diffuser and cause the light to spread out evenly over a large area. Traditional LEDs, on the other hand, produce light by using semiconductors that emit red, green, and blue light.

The color represented by each LED depends on how much current it draws as well as how much heat is required to drive the LED's components. This can cause individual LED spots to appear brighter or dimmer than they really are due to the heat effect.

RGB W LEDs use diffusers that evenly disperse the light emitted by each individual LED through a gossamer-like network of fibers or the LED's diffuser. This reduces light intensity variations and therefore delivers more uniform illumination to the aquarium.

Suitable for use with marine, freshwater, and even saltwater aquariums. The LEDs are flexible so they can be positioned anywhere in the tank that you want to get bright light. They are especially well suited for viewing spawning events, feeding, cleaning and monitoring fish as they live in dimly lit environments.