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Here are a few Hacks offered by your Printer

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The printer is one of the best electronic gadgets. It is the perfect device that helps us to print documents and important notes whenever necessary. This makes it possible as you will printers in offices, homes, schools etc. There’s no doubt that printers help in printing out documents but there’s more you may not be aware of. Here are a few hacks offered by your printer.

  1. Consider Letting Ink Cartridge Dry Completely – You will see a warning light as soon as the ink cartridge starts to run low. But it is not necessary to change the cartridge immediately. Rather than changing for a new cartridge, you can wait till the cartridge dries up completely giving you the chance to print documents when required at the last moment.
  2. Consider Using the Economy Mode – This mode is available in new models. If you don’t need to print out details like colour texts then you should use the economy mode. Doing so helps the ink cartridge from getting over quickly.
  3. Consider Using your Hands or a Hairdryer to Squeeze the Cartridge – Coming back to the ink cartridge topic, you can use your hands or a hairdryer to squeeze the cartridge. Therefore, if you are in an emergency to print an important document and your ink cartridge seems to get over, use this hack.
  4. Consider Using Energy Saving Feature – If you feel your monthly energy bills are increasing, use the energy-saving feature from your printer. This will reduce the bills significantly.

In Brisbane, printers offer these hacks which you should use.