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Naha Sightseeing Spot In Okinawa

Naha City, is the capital city of Okinawa, Japan. It is located in the southwestern part of Okinawa Island, which is one of the Ryukyu Islands. 

It was for a long time the principal city of the archipelago, ‘Naha sightseeing destination’ (also known as ‘ナハ観光地’  in the Japanese Language) is home to its Sogen Temple, the burial place of the rulers of the earlier Okinawa kingdom. 

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Its Shurei Gate is a fine illustration of Ryukyuan architectural style. Naha is the home of Post-World-War II U.S. military and Okinawan administrations and then became the capital city of the prefecture in 1972. 

Due to Naha’s deepwater port, Naha is the principal commercial center of the Ryukyu islands chain. Traditional handicraft factories produce lacquerware, porcelain, dyed cloth, as well as powerful liquor awamori.

Okinawa, also known as ken (prefecture). It is located in the Pacific Ocean. The prefecture comprises about the southwestern portion of the Ryukyu Islands, which is an archipelago that forms the boundary that separates two seas: the East China Sea to the northwest and the Philippine Sea to the southeast. 

Okinawa Island is the largest of the Ryukyus and is approximately 70 miles (112 km) long and 7 miles (11 km) wide, covering an area that is 463 square miles (1,199 square kilometers). Naha located on the island is the capital of the prefecture.