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Why Should You Consider A Private Secondary School For Your Child?

The majority of young parents seem to be overly worried about their children's education. A solid foundation will enable their children to be prepared for the future of learning and further academics. Therefore, it is essential to locate a reputable secondary school that will prepare your child to take competitive entrance exams for state and independent secondary schools. 

If you're a citizen in Ireland and you are a resident of Ireland, there are two options available for primary or preparatory schools: public schools or government-funded schools that offer education free of charge, as well as private secondary schools. You can navigate to enroll in secondary school

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Although the state primary schools and secondary schools have an extensive curriculum of study which are based on the National Curriculum, a private preparatory or primary school has an array of extra facilities and opportunities for learning that can contribute to creating your kid's life. The main reasons you should consider an independent primary or private school over a public school are the following:

1. Schools that have private primary schools are believed to have more individual instruction in comparison to public schools.

2. Private schools have better teacher-pupil ratios, typically at about 9:1.

3. Private schools usually offer more hours of instruction and homework.

4. Private preparatory schools place particular attention on extracurricular events and organized sports.

5. Private schools place greater importance on academic subjects like maths, classics, and modern languages than is required by the National Curriculum.