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BMW Contract Hire, Knowing The Different Models

If you are not very knowledgeable about the BMW range of luxury vehicles which may be embarrassing to differentiate between the several models that this bespoke German automobile maker has available with BMW car leasing. You can find best BMW lease deals via

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The main reason it may be a problem to separate the different models is that being a German vehicle producer also has a German mindset. BMW appears to have avoided what it presumably see's as upsetting glamorous and evocative names for each of its vehicles.

Alternatively, this particular manufacturer of a number of the finest luxury vehicles in the world opted, with great German logic, to only number each of a different chain of models, with an intricate set of numbers and letters.

We shall try to unravel the mysteries of their German car manufacturers' minds, by listing different models, so hopefully, you may understand the BMW range.

BMW now produces the 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, in addition to SUVs that naturally to the German's, have the correspondence X and two-seater roadsters, maybe you figured these all utilize the letter Z. Every one of the BMW designations references the very first number or rather into the first letter of the name.

A good example is the 518, 520i, or the 530i, obviously, each model is one of the '5' Series. Since the Series numbers get high, the vehicle will turn out to be not just physically larger in size, it'll also be much more costly for BMW car leasing.

Therefore, given that we're starting to know the numbering system, we can examine the subtle differences between each of these BMW series.