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What Should a Business Consider When Evaluating Open Source Solutions?

Open source solutions are becoming more widely accepted and implemented at the enterprise level. There are many factors that need to be considered when a business decides to explore open source solutions.

It is essential to perform careful research and analysis of both the proprietary and open-source software available to ensure that any solution selected will meet the current and future needs of the business and also be a financially sound decision.

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Why should a company consider open-source?

One primary reason is the ease of adoption. Initially, open source has fewer limiting economic factors.

For example, consider a newspaper that wants to go online but does not have money to pay for the development of a website. In the proprietary world, the newspaper is out of luck until they have money available to spend on development or to purchase a proprietary solution.

The open-source world is an entirely different ball game. The newspaper has a number of free options from Joomla! to WordPress which can be deployed immediately and that will provide the basic functionality necessary to start posting information to the web.

As resources become available the newspaper can build additional functionality on top of the open-source application.