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About Whisky cask Investment

A whisky cask is a medium-sized barrel containing alcohol. Most Scotch whiskey is aged in bourbon barrels also known as "traditional" whiskey casks. They are ideal for aged Scotch whiskeys due to their ready availability and affordable prices. 

Depending on the type of keg, it can hold between 170 and 750 bottles of standard whiskey when first filled.In addition to all the flavors the distillery itself provides, there is one factor that greatly influences the taste of a whiskey and that is the cask in which it is aged.

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Profiting from Your Investment

In Cask X, our client relationships go beyond purchasing. We're with you throughout the entire process through the years, up to the moment you're looking to profit from your investment. We'll help you sell or bottle and then disperse your portfolio of casks when the whisky is coming old.

Whisky continues to age

Whisky maturation stops following bottling. Casks however remain maturing with time. The longer you wait longer, the more old and valuable the whisky inside the cask will be. The saying is never more true with investing in casks.

What makes whisky from a cask better than the bottle?

This is the reason why the barrel has the most impact on whisky, and also because it changes in such a dramatic manner over time, that this huge appreciation is linked to maturations that last longer. Each year , a portion of the liquid is vaporized from the cask and the whisky that is left behind is often referred to as "the angels' share'. The amount of value that is gained from the remaining liquid more than offsets the loss incurred by angels who swarm around.