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General Motors Hit With A Class Action Lawsuit Over Defective Airbags

Four plaintiffs filed a class-action lawsuit against General Motors. They claimed that General Motors' defective seatbelt pretensioners and airbags were unsafe in a variety of vehicles.

According to the class-action suit, which was filed by Car Complaints, thousands have been injured or killed due to defective seatbelt pretensioners and airbags in various GM cars. A faulty Sensing and Digital Module (SDM) is believed to be responsible for the problem. 

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This module is used to notify the vehicle whether to deploy the airbags during a crash and activate seatbelt pretensioners. SDMs can fail when there are at least two consecutive impacts lasting 45 milliseconds.

This is the meat of the class action suit:

"The 'Class vehicles' are all vehicles in the United States that have the SDM System Defect. They include but are not limited to, General Motors trucks or SUVs.

Further, the suit states that over 800 complaints have been made to the government regarding airbag failures in front-end crashes of GM vehicles since 1999. 

The suit claims that thousands of people have been injured or killed as a result of airbag failures in GM vehicles over the same period. The suit claims that GM knows about the SDM defects but won't do anything due to recall costs.

Plaintiffs in the suit want GM to recall all affected vehicles and repair or replace any SDM or buy back the affected vehicles.