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Things To Consider While Buying Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows can be used for different purposes. Normally, they are used to revive beds and chairs and other furniture. Considering this, people tend to be a bit on the luxurious side. There is nothing wrong with luxury. Hence, it is ideal to have several at one time to have a great experience.

Even a few years ago, decorative pillows were used as throw pillows. It does not mean that they have to be one and the same. A throw pillow with zippers on both ends can essentially be used for decorative purposes and then they can be kept aside during bedtime. 


Here are some tips to buy pillows:

Size: The size of throw pillows should primarily be determined by the size of your sofa or chair. The average size, which is between 16-18″x16-18″, will work for a larger sofa , small pillows will simply look out of place on a roomy couch. Oversize pillows (24″) create a comfy, loungey feel, but they should be reserved for really large furniture with ample seating room. If your sofa is modern and compact or you need a pillow for a delicate side chair, go for smaller ones.

Filling: The typical fillings for pillows are feather, foam, or a synthetic mix. They maintain the shape of the pillow quite well and are cheaper than goose down, which is much softer and better quality, but tends to be quite pricey.

Shape: There are 4 basic types of pillow shapes to consider: bolsters, squares, rectangles and rounds. If you need it to support your body while lounging, squares will provide the best full-back comfort.

They are the most common and versatile throw pillow shape, ideal for the back of a hard chair or to cozy up a sofa. Rectangles will support the lower back or neck, but if you have a leather sofa, perhaps you should consider bolsters as they don’t slip down and provide better lumbar support.