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Komatsu Engine Parts in Heavy Duty Transmissions

Komatsu makes all heavy-duty equipment such as mining vehicles, but the transmission makes it an efficient working machine. They have the biggest advantage in their immersion oil heater. One of its newest creations, the D155AX-5 tracked bulldozer, has three forward and three reverse speeds to maximize equipment performance. 

Its WA500-3 front loader automatically has gear ratios that ensure optimal fuel efficiency while maintaining pressure on the components. It also regulates the clutch pressure to avoid tingling or switching fluctuations.

These parts are designed for durability. Failing that, you can purchase reconditioned Komatsu heavy transmissions parts that have been reengineered through a rigorous failure testing process and quality control protocol. 

When you work with these big names, both new and redesigned, you'll enjoy cutting-edge design, innovative technology and impressive performance. If you are buying mining and construction equipment on a budget, cheap bulldozers can be found if you know where to look. 

Buying a used Komatsu product is often smarter than buying a new machine from an unknown brand. The advantage of having your own equipment up front, aside from the obvious savings, is that spare parts are readily available. It is always easier to maintain and repair an industry renowned machine.

Komatsu is a brand you can trust when you want the highest quality and reliability. Your success is guaranteed when you have this brand by your side.