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5 Reasons You Should Use a Long-reach Drill, And How the MAFORD Drill is Perfect for That

It's probably not surprising to those of you in the construction industry that the MA FORD D-Handle Drill is used for drilling in hard-to-reach areas. Their lightweight, durable design coupled with our patented technology means that we can drill through concrete, steel, and beyond. But what are the reasons for using a long-reach drill? To find out, we're going to take a look at 6 different reasons why you should use a long-reach drill, and how the MAFORD drill is perfect for that.

The MA Ford Carbide Drills a combination of the words "mag" and "ord," is a hybrid drill that can do it all: normal drilling, hammer drilling, wall drilling, along with other heavy-duty functions. But there's more to it than that. The fact is, the MA FORD is a great solution for inserting a third arm into any operation. The rationale behind using a specialized device to help you work seems dubious, but they are surprisingly common and highly useful.

The following are 5 reasons why you should use a long-reach drill:  

1. Accuracy

Accuracy is key when drilling and driving screws into any surface or material. Long-reach drills come with a depth stop that prevents the bit from going too far into the material being drilled. This helps ensure that you do not go beyond the surface being drilled and also prevents damage to the surface. The depth stop also provides accurate measurements each time so you can be sure of how deep your screw will go into the material being drilled. MA FORD Drill Bits provide an easy way to measure with its depth stop feature which is helpful when using multiple different screws with varying lengths.

2. Variety of Bit Sizes

Not only does the MA FORD Drill Bitshave an adjustable head and neck; it also comes with 30 various bits of different sizes so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. It also comes with other extras like a socket adapter and power plug so you’re prepared for any situation!

3. Lightweight Design

The MA Ford Drills Bits are designed with a lightweight design and heat-treated steel to last a long time. The lightweight is not difficult to carry and it is also very comfortable to use. Today, MA FORD is introducing their brand new line of long-reach drills, which have a long-reaching capacity with a lightweight and compact design. An ideal drilling tool needs to focus on both versatility and portability. A lightweight, compact design is essential for ease of use. That’s why the MA FORD portable drill Bits are the best long-reach drills available because there are just so many ways you can use them.

4. For varieties of drilling and driving

A long reach drill gives you more flexibility when it comes to drilling or driving. You can easily switch between screwdriving and drilling functions with a simple turn of the collar. This means you won’t have to switch between tools while working on different materials. With a long-reach drill that has an adjustable clutch like the MA FORD Drill Bits, you can easily do both light and heavy-duty drilling or driving on different surfaces such as metal or wood.

5. A Long Reach Drill Can Save You Time and Money

The MA FORD Drill Bits are lightweight, compact, and easy to operate. This allows you to work quickly without having to stop every few minutes because your wrists hurt from holding up the weight of your drill or because you're out of breath from over-exerting yourself. The MA FORD Drill Bits saves you time and money by allowing you to work more quickly!