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Benefits of Adding Doggie Treats to Your Dog’s Diet

Doggie treats can be a good way to add variety and excitement to your dog's diet, although you have to make sure they do not pose a threat to health. There is a wide variety of treats that you can give him, from chicken jerky treats to sliced apples. And, as a dog parent, it is your responsibility that they are safe and healthy for your pet. One very important tip to remember is to make sure that you give him a treat in small portions and that they should not be more than fifteen per cent of the total daily food intake.

If not, he may not gain healthy weight and susceptible to health problems that come with it. You can buy organic and healthy doggie treats to ensure that you are feeding your dog the right stuff. Since one thing to keep in mind when adding doggie treats to your pet's diet, especially if they are packed, is that they must be made of organic ingredients as much as possible.

Additionally, make sure that they do not contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions to him. One ingredient to avoid is gluten, a protein derived from wheat and related grains such as barley and rye. Gluten can cause gastrointestinal allergy and skin conditions in dogs.

There are also human foods that you can use as a healthy treat for your dog, including fruits and vegetables. Apple and watermelon are healthy for him, although you have to make sure that he does not eat apple seeds as they can be toxic for him. In addition, never feed him grapes and avocados because they may be too toxic for him. You should also not give him a raw egg because it can cause skin problems.