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All About Deep Tissue Massage And Cupping

Standard deep tissue massage uses deep pressure to loosen and remove scars from previous injuries and adhesions (glued tissue) from the stresses of everyday life. In contrast, cup massage works by suction and negative pressure on the deeper muscles of lying down.

Some massage therapists use the technique described earlier (called fire cupping). Another newer technique uses a handheld vacuum kit. The doctor places a cup on your body and uses a built-in pump to expel air. You can also find the best deep tissue massage and cupping services from  to treat your body pain.

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On the east side, the suction and negative pressure of deep tissue vein massage disrupts local qi stagnation. In Western terms, Qi stagnation can be thought of as poor blood circulation or poor movement of lymphatic fluid. The potential benefits of cup massage include:

Like all types of massage, this type of massage is not for everyone, so make sure your masseuse is aware of all of your medical conditions. Conditions for which cup massage is inappropriate include inflamed skin, fever, spasms or cramps, and easy bleeding. Sticking the cup on the stomach or lower back of pregnant women is also not suitable.

Professional cupping massage therapist and reflexologist with a special interest in aromatherapy and the use of essential oils to restore balance and promote health.