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What Are Roof Curbs

Roof curbs act like a small way to access your roof for various purposes. Exhaust fan roof curbs may be a bit more than a simple box, but the function they serve is a very essential part of your commercial kitchen fan system. You see, without a roof curb, there would be no way to securely join your fan to the rooftop. Another primary function of a roof curb is weatherproofing and protecting the interior of your exhaust system from the elements.

Do I need a roof curb?

If you are installing an exhaust fan for your commercial kitchen onto your rooftop, then yes, you need a roof curb. If you are wall mounting an exhaust fan, you can just use a pre-manufactured roof curb. Learn more about pre manufactured roof curbs via

Roof curbs are manufactured and are constructed of high-quality, heavy-duty aluminized steel. Curbs with a length and width of less than 36” are constructed of 20 gauge steel and curbs greater than or equal to 36” in length and width are constructed of 18 gauge steel.

All roof curbs feature air-tight, water-tight, continuously welded corners, and have 3″ continuous flashing. If needed, pitched roof curbs can be specially ordered to match the slope of a roof. Some state or city regulations require restaurants to use vented roof curbs. Those can also be special ordered. Check with your local authorities before ordering if you are not sure.