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Know More About Using Polished Concrete Floors For Homes In Mornington Peninsula

It is also possible to control the bounce of a concrete floor by selecting the best of several concrete polishing options.

Quick and easy maintenance

Polished concrete floors are a great choice for commercial buildings because they are very light and easy to maintain. You can take care of mechanically polished concrete floors simply by dusting and using floor cleaning products. Caring for this type of floor is similar to sanding wood. 

The use of heavy buffers with fine sand with segments or discs impregnating the diamond design gradually grinds the surface to obtain the desired luster and becomes smooth in every degree.

Seal role

During the polishing process, the concrete with the internally impregnated sealer is submerged and mixed well, making it very invisible. This screed hardener not only protects the concrete floor from the inside, but also seals and hardens it. This eliminates the need for local coverage, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Polishing method

Polishing concrete floors is easy to do in two ways, namely dry or wet. Although both methods are highly effective, dry polishing is widely used in industry because it is much faster, more convenient and more environmentally friendly. 

However, the room owner should be prepared to deal with any floating residue that results from this method and can assign a floor specialist with environment friendly cleaning and disposal.