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Whats The Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper?

Toilet Paper is a hot subject when it comes down to the amount of good produced inside the bathrooms. According to some studies the average person consumes 57 sheets of toilet paper each day. 437 gallons of water are utilized to make Toilet Paper. There are approximately 253,000 tonnes of bleach are used, in addition to those two-seven thousand trees. You can get more information about sustainable toilet paper via

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Every supermarket is now selling its own line made from recycled toilet paper. It also has been able to stop selling Ecoleaf that was sold all over the place for a time. It's no surprise then that they noticed the market growing and decided to participate. Fortunately, and perhaps surprising for an eco-friendly option, recycled toilet paper is usually less expensive than alternatives available.


Toilet paper made of bamboo is now becoming well-known, particularly since there was a massive promotion for a company known as ' Who Gives a Crap not too long recently. Bamboo is among the most eco-friendly materials because it's fast-growing and doesn't require a lot of water, or harmful herbicides or pesticides to develop. 

There are several bamboo toilet paper manufacturers nowadays, but the majority are produced in Australia and you'll need to have it shipped as only a few stores actually offer the product. Bamboo toilet paper tends to come in either compostable packaging, or you could select to buy loose toilet rolls from a few firms. These can be more expensive than recycled loo rolls.