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Benefits of Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers are one of the most economical ways to reduce heat loss from your pool. They also cut down on the amount of water lost due to evaporation and can significantly reduce the number of chemicals you use in your pool. Using special materials, sunlight, and the fact of completely blanketing your pool, solar covers are the most environmental investment a pool owner can make.

One of the biggest benefits of a pool cover is the heating element. Solar pool covering keep your pool warm in a few different ways. First, the bubble-wrap-like material absorbs hot rays from the sun and pushes them into the water. Many solar pool covers are translucent to aid in this task. The material acts like a one-way valve, allowing heat to enter the pool but not allowing it to exit. This function alone can heat water up to 8%. 

The second function of a pool cover is to almost completely dissipate the heat lost through evaporation, which is the most important factor in heat loss for a large body of water.

Conveniently enough, it also blocks any impact of cold air on the surface of your pool. It saves you money by being eco-friendly and saving you on top-up water costs, not to mention your water conservation efforts.

There are many benefits to covering your pool for the off-season. We are much less likely to care for our pools when we are not actively using them. It's easy to let some jobs slide around until suddenly it's hot again and you have a dirty pool to deal with. 

Fortunately, with a cover, your efforts can be nearly halved. By having your pool covered, you can reduce the chemicals you use excessively. Since your pool is not exposed to weather, wind, and dirt, the chemical balance is better maintained and you will soon find yourself reducing your chemical costs.

A solar pool cover is a must for all pool owners. The benefits in terms of money, time spent and the environment are enormous, and all for an initial investment that has no ongoing cost, but for the time it takes to roll it over before each swim.