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Quick Glance About Sealcoating Commercial Asphalt

Creating an educated decision regarding maintaining your building, asphalt surfaces will help keep you from paying much. Here are some commonly asked questions about seal coating commercial asphalt:

Imagine if the cost is too great to pass up?

Even though a minimal cost bid might be tempting, making a spontaneous decision based solely on cost may cost you afterwards. Save money by selecting a reliable, asphalt sealcoating service provider. 

Be certain that the organization is well recognized – do they have an area address, a well-developed site and references? Make sure you remember that you generally get what you pay for!

Should this sealant be implemented annually?

No! Although many paving businesses feel you ought to seal coat each year, seal coat your asphalt too much may result in problems. The first two coats of sealer applied for your own asphalt are what protect it. Additional coats are often only for decorative purposes.

Can one seal asphalt in the summertime?

It's not suitable to seal coat asphalt in warm weather. The sealer will dry too fast causing it to peel, flake or get streaks at the end. If the job has to be carried out in warm temperatures, over 90 degrees, then a fantastic paving contractor will spray on the surface with a light mist of water to cool the asphalt prior to applying the seal coat. Doing this will cool the surface substantially.