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Points On How To Choose Your Medical Linen Service

Due to the increasing number of clinics and medical facilities, medical linen services are becoming more popular. It is important to clean linens in hospitals and clinics regularly. They are exposed to a variety of harmful fluids and bacteria. 

Hospitals lack the necessary equipment and staff to wash their linens so they often outsource this service to reliable companies. Hospitals can rest assured that patients have enough bedding and towels. Meanwhile, medical staff is provided with scrubs and lab coats.

What services does a medical linen service offer? A reputable linen company will offer many services. The most common services included cleaning your linen is washing, drying, and folding linens.

Reliable linen service can make your patients' lives easier and staff will feel more secure knowing their scrubs and gowns are being washed. These points will help you make an informed decision about which medical linen service to choose.

Inventory Management

You must first ensure that the linen service is properly managed. If the inventory isn’t properly managed, even a laundry service may be cheaper than others in the same industry. 

Ask the company about its ability to track your textile inventory and prevent textile abuse and loss. Ask if the company has dedicated customer service representatives that are available 24/7 to help you track where your linens are during the laundry process.

Refer to

Refer to reviews and references to determine if the company is reliable, professional, and a leader within the industry. You can find the most reputable companies by looking online and reading local magazines about customer service and quality laundering. 

Ask for a referral to ensure that the company meets delivery and pickup deadlines and that each item has been cleaned properly.