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Outdoor Misting System Benefits And Features

Patio misting systems produce a fine mist from the spray nozzles which cools people when it lands on their skin. The system is placed around the cooling area. The system could be installed in a pavilion or a patio cover.

These movable fogging fans have water supply tubes (rigid or flexible pipes) with evenly spaced spray nozzles along their length. The supply tubing connects with an outdoor water source like a garden hose or faucet. Some systems are simpler and use existing water pressure, while others use misting pumps to produce higher water pressure.

Portable Misting Fan System

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Misting systems that connect to the home's existing water pressure do not require electricity. Models that require electricity must be plugged into an outside electrical outlet.

There are many benefits to outdoor misting systems:

Affordable outdoor cooling. 

Outdoor misting systems can be cheaper to buy and maintain than other outdoor cooling systems like a swamp cooler. You may not have to pay any installation fees.


Low-pressure misting systems don't require electricity. Mid-pressure misting pumps can be used as little as 60W of electricity. This is the same as a regular light bulb. High-pressure misting pumps are less efficient because they require hundreds of watts to run.

Waters plants. 

The misting system can be used to water plants. Misting systems use as little as 70% of traditional irrigation systems.

Cleans air. 

Cleans the air by trapping airborne allergens, dust, and pollutants in the mist.

Repels insects. 

The mist can deter insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and bees. Although there is no scientific evidence supporting this claim, it has been observed that winged insects avoid mist because it hinders their flying abilities.