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Make Environment More Friendly With Clean Energy Systems

Clean Energy Systems has developed a game-changing technology for the industries by eliminating waste and making zero-power emission power a reality. CES approach has been applied to the gas generators, high-pressure, high-temperature turbines to generate power.

The CES oxy-fuel combustion uses oxygen instead of air to combust various gaseous fuels. The air is excluded from the combustion and the generation of pure C02 and water occurs. Thus, Co2 is isolated by cooling various fuel gases. You can also get more information related to clean energy systems via online.

This method helps to generate electricity at a lower possible cost and produce low carbon footprints. The modular architectures are taking advantage of technologies such as supercritical CO2 power-cycle and producing clean energy.

Integrated Gasification Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Process (IGCC)

An IGCC is a technology that uses a high-pressure gasifier to turn carbon-based fuels into pressurized gas. It removes impurities from the syngas to the power generation cycle

The significance of IGCC is:

  • It helps in the deduction of C02 emissions and makes the environment more friendly.
  • The net efficiency of an IGCC plant is 40%, and the resulting CO2 from the gas turbine plant can be used for EOR.

Supercritical CO2 cycle:

This is the best way of converting fuels into mechanical power while capturing CO2. Supercritical CO2 Cycle is an emission-free syngas fired power plant which uses syngas as fuel and pure oxygen.