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Is Content Marketing the New Trend in SEO?

One time, in the world of Search Engine Optimization, a company could create a sub-par website with poorly written content, add a lot of meta keywords and tags, and then craft some links to instantly rank in search engines. Those days are over. Search Engine Optimization is evolving. Different factors are being taken into consideration to determine which site deserves a higher ranking. Google's Panda and Penguin algorithm updates have been able to root out any spamming or keyword-loading. 

The time is now for solid Internet marketing strategies. Econsultancy recently surveyed digital marketing professionals and found that content is becoming more important as a marketing strategy. This strategy is worth the time and effort of small business owners. These are some of the most popular and efficient marketing methods of the content production company

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* Blog posts

* Guides and articles

* Press releases

* E-newsletters

* Infographics

* Social media content (tweets, updates, etc.)

Sharing quality content on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter is encouraged by the creation and promotion thereof. These "likes", +1s, and tweets are becoming more important ranking factors in search engines. This is the new trend in SEO. There is another thing that distinguishes content marketing from other SEO methods. It's a big one. 

Content marketing doesn't get affected by algorithm changes. Although an SEO agency might promise you a rise in rankings, these results may not be long-term. When the next update to search engine algorithms is released, they will be subjected to the next Penguin or Panda (or Possum and Parakeet or whatever else the next one is). It is a good idea to invest in high-quality content production that will be financially profitable and can withstand the changes in search engine ranking factors.