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How Meditation Seems To Be Complicated?

Why is meditation so complicated? If we rely on our intellect to "make it happen," meditation can be a complex exercise. Instead of relieving stress, it helps. As a result, many found this too worrying; best done by teachers.

Most meditation coaches let us "breathe" for inspiration. The medical and physiological definition of "to inspire" is to breathe air into your lungs. Inspiration … thoughts enter; outflow … thoughts of thoughts. The repetition is called breathing. You can get professional help from Dr Afrosa Ahmed Best Mindfulness & Wellbeing Coach in the UK.

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The purpose of breathing meditation is to calm the mind and develop inner peace. We can use breathing meditation alone or as a preliminary exercise to reduce mental distress. When mental "noise" is reduced, other meditation techniques are easier to use.

So first we sit down comfortably. Some prefer to meditate on their backs. Both work well. Whatever the case, we close our eyes and relax the body deeply. Focus on one breath. We can only concentrate on one breath at a time. The last breath is memory; the next one hasn't arrived yet.

At first our minds will be very busy and we may even feel that meditation is making our minds even busier. In fact, we just realized how busy our minds really are. When we practice patiently after taking a breath, our gradually disturbing thoughts subside and we experience a sense of inner peace and relaxation.