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How a Residential Treadmill Compares With a Commercial Treadmill

Commercial treadmills have become extremely popular over the years as folks strive to achieve their fitness goals in addition to saving money on treadmills. Personally, I always use commercial grade treadmills at the local gym since renting a home treadmill is so convenient. Also, because a gym is also so close by and easily located, I prefer to be there anyway rather than basement. But why do I use commercial treadmills? Well, commercial equipment is built for commercial purposes, not personal treadmills.

One of the biggest reasons to use a commercial grade treadmill is the shock absorption system. Shock absorption systems are built into commercial treadmills to minimize the impact of running on your joints and knees. In addition, commercial equipment often includes a heart rate monitor, which keeps tabs on your heart rate. The more expensive models will also include an incline feature that helps you keep up with your workout goals as you improve your fitness. And don't forget to include the weight scale in your workouts, so you can easily keep track of how much you've lost or gained.

However, not all gym equipment is made equal. Many gyms and fitness clubs tout their treadmills as being better than what you can find at home or in a store. However, that's not always true. A quick look at the features on some commercial grade treadmill models will reveal they are not only lacking in some of the features found in home exercise machines, but they may also lack certain health benefits you would want from a machine of this type. Here is a quick look at both pros and cons of treadmills used in gyms.

Perhaps the main advantage of commercial grade treadmill is the higher cost. Depending on the type of machine you buy, you could pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your treadmill. That's especially true if you buy one from a top manufacturer such as Treadmill USA, Landice, Schwinn or Bosch. A typical commercial grade treadmill will run you anywhere from three thousand to six thousand dollars. Even though this is the case, many gyms and fitness clubs still use standard grade treadmills because they can be more affordable.

While commercial grade treadmills tend to cost more than treadmills found in gyms, they have several distinct advantages over them. They are usually well built, include extra rollers for extra resistance when you need it, and include a variety of different speeds and inclines to help you work out. Because commercial treadmills are also sturdier than standard grade treadmills, they're a good bet for people with weight issues or those who may suffer from joint problems.

Durability. Unlike residential treadmills, commercial grade ones are designed to last longer. This means that they don't break easily. If they were made with a lesser quality material, they may not last as long or at all. Industrial rollers typically have better treadmilling design which also means that they'll be stronger and require less maintenance than other types of rollers.

Longevity. As you probably know, commercial treadmills come with a limited lifetime warranty. This is not the case for residential treadmills. Built-in electronic features that use electronic sensors to determine your current heart rate, calories burned, speed, and distance covered will provide the most extensive warranty of any treadmill. There are also extra features such as pre-set workouts depending on your physical ability and other personalized routines to help you maintain your workout routine no matter what your current physical condition.

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