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Future Of Packaging With Pouches

The millennium is a time when everything must be accessible quickly and easily by the consumer. Every product on the market today requires a lot of work and man-hours. Companies must satisfy their customers to survive the fierce competition on the market.

The pet bottles are slowly being replaced by stand-up pouches. They are more convenient, but they save manufacturing costs overall. You can purchase pouches via

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Overlay stand-up zipper pockets have the advantage of being able to stand on a shelf, allowing for highest sales impact. The pouch folds flat for easy filling. Stand-up zipper pouches are a great way to save cargo and storage area.

The Zipper-pouch is an eco-friendly product that uses 80% less plastic than rigid containers. The various laminations protect the products and the printing inks are sandwiched between the layers. Standup Pouches have a longer shelf life. It is an economical packaging solution that offers additional benefits compared to traditional materials like bottles and cans.

Shipping costs are reduced by 70%. This means that there is less packaging weight = Less storage = Lower warehouse costs = Reduced volume

You can fill empty bags with 97% less space than the rigid alternatives.

The face of consumer product packaging has changed with the advent of stand-up bags (or SUP). The large face of the stand-up pouches is ideal for sophisticated labels or quality printed designs.