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Eating Meat Which Is Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acids

In the modern day farming practices, we get less of foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids. This is because the animals are being fed grain instead of grass. That is why we get very little Omega 3 in the meat of these animals.

If you wish to eat foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids, then you need to go to a grocery store or farmers markets. There, they put meat up for sale, from animals that have been raised on grass. If you’re looking for quality meat products, then visit

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These animals have meat rich in the Omega 3 fats. While you are at the farmers markets, you can get free range eggs, duck eggs and free range chickens. You will pay a premium for these meats, however, it will be worth it for the healthier and better tasting meats. 

The farmers are starting to raise more animals on grass, because of the growing demand for healthier meats. Soon, we should be able to buy grass fed meat from supermarkets and specialty shops, rather than relying on the farmers markets for healthy meat.

Foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids are quite scarce at the moment, earlier we used to obtain most of the Omega 3 fats that we needed from eating two or three meals of fish per week, now however, that is not an option because of the pollution in both the oceans and the fish. Now, we must get our needed Omega 3 fats from taking a daily fish oil supplement.