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Back Pain Cause – The Reasons For It And How To Prevent It

Back pain, illnesses of our times. Extremely painful, frightening extremely humiliating, and in need of help. The causes of back pain are numerous however our modern-day lifestyle is among the most significant.

The excessive sitting in front of televisions and monitors and not enough physical activity and exercise as well as fast food. In a nutshell"couch potato" lifestyle "couch potato" lifestyle is the primary factor in this modern-day illness. To buy back stretchers for pain relief, you can visit

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Many people view abdominal fat as a primarily cosmetic problem. They don't realize that it is a serious health problem because research has shown that those who are overweight in belly fat have a higher risk to have a stroke, heart attack and diabetes, sleep apnea, and many other diseases.

Like everything else in life, only those who have had this issue know the severity of it and the impact it has on people. Anyone fortunate enough not to be affected cannot comprehend how significant it can be.

A few statistics reveal that more than the majority of people have had at least one back pain issue throughout their lives. 77% of the population suffers from back pain at this time.

They are very large and alarming numbers. unfortunately, within North America, there is no back pain management system available in public health institutions.